nice to meet you.
My name is Reinel Rose Campa. I am a video producer and artist from California.

Since moving to the Bay Area six years ago, I have experienced San Francisco from many different angles. As a Production Director and Manager at the Academy of Art University, I honed my skills as a producer and learned what it takes to lead a creative team. Now I am looking to meet visionaries, event producers, and artists who want to share their message with video. 

Let me share with you some projects I produced. 

These first two videos were completed for the Academy. I directed the schedule, communications, editors and crew. I interviewed subjects off camera and defined the storylines for each piece. 

Michelle's story was really inspiring to me, proving that you can follow your dreams at any age. Her studio, home, and locations for painting were breath-taking inspirations as well. 

For the next video, I was asked to help highlight how the Academy was helping a local group continue to bring music and community to San Francisco. I worked with two strong cinematographers to shoot the interviews and footage during one evening.  

This next video features Nina Fabunmi, an artist I met through the Academy. She asked for help creating a video about a series of paintings that were close to her heart. 

Over the years I have produced video for a number of live events. I am able to tell a story in whatever style suits the client best. Here are two examples of successful event videos I made to help some creative people celebrate very special days. 

I would love to connect with you and talk about your project idea or video you'd like produced. Send me a message in the 'Say Hello' space at the top right of this page. You can also email me directly at reinelrose@gmail.com. 

Thank for visiting. I look forward to connecting and creating with you!

xo Reinel