Welcome to Night and Rei, a blog by me, Reinel Rose Campa. 

I created this blog in 2008. A few months later, I found myself unemployed and my posts became more creative. I documented artistic activities I was trying and the frustrations and questions that I faced on normal days. 

Fast forward to six years ago when I began working full-time in San Francisco. 
My posts became more irregular until 2015 when I didn't post a single thing! 

During the quieter years I was trying very hard to find creativity with this medium, but it wasn't flowing. On the other hand, when I re-read posts from 2009, they wake me up and inspire me. I was appreciative and thoughtful during that time even though I had just been laid off. 

Which brings me to today. Not laid off, but with a lighter work load by choice. I have more time on my hands and I am rediscovering which things make me happy and which things I can do without.

This blog has always been a way for me to utilize my love for journaling and share it through mediums I enjoy most; video and photography. This year, I am re-visiting my original intent with this blog and hope that my words of encouragement and steady curiosity will lift up future me when needed. 

xo Reinel