My name is Reinel. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area in a town named Castro Valley.

Pier 39 is where I travel to during the week. Together with a team of creatives, I create content on this website for the Academy of Art University.

When home, I create in other ways; with paper, paint, and pictures. This is my online journal, my e-zine of creative inspiration, welcome to NightandRei.


I have yet to count the journals I've collected over the years. My very first is pink, Hello Kitty, with a lock and a key. Almost every day since then, I have written down my questions, fears, and hopes in a journal.

I realized that I was creating an interesting 'document'. This was a story of me.

What my journals teach me, page after page, is that life is always going up, down, and up again. When I read my entries I am reminded of this and remember to be prepared.

I created this blog, or multimedia journal, in 2009. It is still a place where I can be very creative. NiGHTandRei represents my appreciation for the the opposites of each day. The highs and lows we experience and give us our unique perspective.

More importantly, this blog allows me to reflect through my favorite forms of art: video, paint, and craft.