Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Baby Bump shoot 2016

A couple weeks ago my cousin stopped by for a visit with her two year old daughter Frances. They cuddled on the couch while I fed them apples. Frances explored the house curiously and brought big smiles to our faces. I snapped this picture of them and as I was editing it, recalled our "Baby Bump" shoot from a few years earlier. 

In my archive, I had 30 edited picks from that shoot and I couldn't understand why I never posted them. If I had to guess, I was probably critical of my photos. Looking at them now, I think I captured some great moments. My subjects look relaxed and happy. It brings me joy that I was part of that shoot and now I enjoy the presence of Frances in my home. 

The day that we had this impromptu shoot, it was a little rainy. We stepped onto the deck a couple times in between sprinkles. Stephanie always starts me out with a great idea that always motivates me. I love helping my cousin see her vision through. I never think of myself as doing this or that, but she always proves to me that I can do anything. 

Because she is so special to me, I want to do a great job. I want her to feel great in her photos. I think happy people are easy to capture because those smiles are real. Chris was present for the photo shoot too. He was camera ready with his hat and dressed up outfit.  I'm very happy seeing these pictures again and remembering that day. Here are my favorites: