Friday, February 8, 2019

Lounging Giants in a Lush Lobby

It has been weeks, maybe months since I've commuted into the city. 

Yesterday I had a job on Howard Street for a bank. It's cool to get the chance to go inside a building I've never been in before and see what's going on in there!

Inside the lobby, there was a lush orchid wall and two giant lounging sculptures. The wall took me by surprise because the plants were real and thriving. The sculptures made me feel relaxed - good chill lobby vibe.

When the security guard wouldn't let me pass right away, I snapped these pictures and admired the room, feeling more calm.


My work day was short and free of stress. I used a piece of equipment I never used before and I didn't die. Everything went smoothly.

I will probably never have a day like this again. Never enter this lobby, work with the union guy they sent to help me or the staff at this office. I guess this is why I want to document it. I feel it's easy to overlook the smooth days.

Yesterday I accomplished much. That there were no problems means I did well. I gave myself a mental pat on the back and then was free to enjoy the day how I saw fit.

The city feels less intimidating. Standing in the large lobby of this building situated across the street from the immense Salesforce structure, I know where I am.

The experience feels familiar but new. I hope future visits in the city give me this same sense of discovery supported by the muscle memory of comfort I've acquired over years of time spent there.


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