Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Big Surf Blue

This weekend I finally painted my bathroom.

It is a room that I use every day. I get prepared, clean up, and groom in there. I often think about how my environments affect my mood.
The walls in the bathroom were drab. The tile and cabinets are so so, but I do love the beautiful stained glass on the mirror.

I wanted to feel brighter in that room. I wanted it to inspire me a little bit, since it's often the first room I spend waking time in.

At the paint shop, I gravitated towards lavenders and turquoise. Something kept moving me towards bluer tones, so I ended up with a bright turquoise blue.

Now done with painting, I have an emptier bathroom with a new, fresh tone.

I am enjoying how bare the bathroom is! I think maybe the bathroom should be a little bare. Gives me more space to really take a look at myself... I am the focus of this room. The large mirror reflects me back

For now, I will receive the vibes this color has to offer before I decide what to do next. The bathroom isn't finished, but painting the walls achieved what I was seeking.  I wanted the change to inspire a new perspective.

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