Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Art in the Park @ Lake Chabot

This summer has been pretty creative. I have been giving myself the space to paint, more importantly, I make sure I have canvas and supplies to get started - and that makes all the difference.

For my birthday this year, I had some close friends over and invited them to paint with me. I provided supplies and created a gallery wall. It was very liberating to see each person young and adult, get into the mode of play when seated in front of a blank canvas.

I decided to recreate this in a new environment so I invited friends to paint with me in the park this weekend. The group was at varying levels of familiarity with the act of painting. I provided all the tools and we proceeded to sit and enjoy the beautiful summer day.

lake chabot art in the park group painting

art in the park painting lake chabot

I had a wonderful time. It appeared to me that no one was stressed about how well they were doing. Instead, we just flowed into a stay of play. This is, for me, the most important thing for an activity like this. Sometimes, I just need to be forced to sit still and painting does that for me. No checking my phone, worrying about what is going on with the rest of the world. I am so grateful I was able to spend this type of time with these people. Each person is colorful and expressive in very unique ways.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Baby Bump shoot 2016

A couple weeks ago my cousin stopped by for a visit with her two year old daughter Frances. They cuddled on the couch while I fed them apples. Frances explored the house curiously and brought big smiles to our faces. I snapped this picture of them and as I was editing it, recalled our "Baby Bump" shoot from a few years earlier. 

In my archive, I had 30 edited picks from that shoot and I couldn't understand why I never posted them. If I had to guess, I was probably critical of my photos. Looking at them now, I think I captured some great moments. My subjects look relaxed and happy. It brings me joy that I was part of that shoot and now I enjoy the presence of Frances in my home. 

The day that we had this impromptu shoot, it was a little rainy. We stepped onto the deck a couple times in between sprinkles. Stephanie always starts me out with a great idea that always motivates me. I love helping my cousin see her vision through. I never think of myself as doing this or that, but she always proves to me that I can do anything. 

Because she is so special to me, I want to do a great job. I want her to feel great in her photos. I think happy people are easy to capture because those smiles are real. Chris was present for the photo shoot too. He was camera ready with his hat and dressed up outfit.  I'm very happy seeing these pictures again and remembering that day. Here are my favorites:  

Friday, February 8, 2019

Lounging Giants in a Lush Lobby

It has been weeks, maybe months since I've commuted into the city. 

Yesterday I had a job on Howard Street for a bank. It's cool to get the chance to go inside a building I've never been in before and see what's going on in there!

Inside the lobby, there was a lush orchid wall and two giant lounging sculptures. The wall took me by surprise because the plants were real and thriving. The sculptures made me feel relaxed - good chill lobby vibe.

When the security guard wouldn't let me pass right away, I snapped these pictures and admired the room, feeling more calm.


My work day was short and free of stress. I used a piece of equipment I never used before and I didn't die. Everything went smoothly.

I will probably never have a day like this again. Never enter this lobby, work with the union guy they sent to help me or the staff at this office. I guess this is why I want to document it. I feel it's easy to overlook the smooth days.

Yesterday I accomplished much. That there were no problems means I did well. I gave myself a mental pat on the back and then was free to enjoy the day how I saw fit.

The city feels less intimidating. Standing in the large lobby of this building situated across the street from the immense Salesforce structure, I know where I am.

The experience feels familiar but new. I hope future visits in the city give me this same sense of discovery supported by the muscle memory of comfort I've acquired over years of time spent there.


Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Big Surf Blue

This weekend I finally painted my bathroom.

It is a room that I use every day. I get prepared, clean up, and groom in there. I often think about how my environments affect my mood.
The walls in the bathroom were drab. The tile and cabinets are so so, but I do love the beautiful stained glass on the mirror.

I wanted to feel brighter in that room. I wanted it to inspire me a little bit, since it's often the first room I spend waking time in.

At the paint shop, I gravitated towards lavenders and turquoise. Something kept moving me towards bluer tones, so I ended up with a bright turquoise blue.

Now done with painting, I have an emptier bathroom with a new, fresh tone.

I am enjoying how bare the bathroom is! I think maybe the bathroom should be a little bare. Gives me more space to really take a look at myself... I am the focus of this room. The large mirror reflects me back

For now, I will receive the vibes this color has to offer before I decide what to do next. The bathroom isn't finished, but painting the walls achieved what I was seeking.  I wanted the change to inspire a new perspective.