Saturday, August 23, 2014

Memory Box

I've nearly transported all of my personal memories to the new house. My mom had been saving some scrapbooks and artwork from school days that I've been slowly organizing. Some of these treasures bring back fun memories.

In an effort to raise some spending money, I hand wrote these flyers and left them on the doorsteps of neighbors. I said I was a member of Babysitting, Incorporated. I think I thought babysitting was gonna be like this:

Below is a note I saved from a playdate where I was teacher, Mrs. Rose. My cousin thought I was a pretty cool teacher.

Above, my 8th Birthday party invite. The first year I had a slumber party. It was the coolest day ever.

Below, my mom threw us a very fun Halloween party and these were her hand drawn invites!
I think there was a balloon inside. :)

These notes, photos, old homework assignments, and party invites have stayed with me for some reason or another.

They're a snapshot of what was cool at the time and things that are important to me. I love these collections of art, providing memories of thought and a voyage into sensory recall. :)