Saturday, April 26, 2014

no limits, just epiphanies.

I had a dream so big and loud
I jumped so high I touched the clouds

Do you remember your biggest dream? Was it to travel somewhere far away? To find a comforting embrace? Achieve success in your favorite work? I bet it was big. I bet it seemed impossible.

I'm never gonna look back, I'm never gonna give it up, 
please don't wake me now.

Last month, my cousin Brian married a beautiful woman named Anna. They asked me to help them create a video to remember their day.

This project was a reward for me to work on in many ways. I was able to relive the best moments from the weekend in a more relaxed pace. It was a delight for me to incorporate my sister Alaina's point of view by using her photographs in the video. I even used footage from a camera that I let my dad, mom, and sisters play with during the reception, enabling me to have some intimate moments of recall from the comfort of my couch.

Anna's choice of song was perfect. Inspired by it's tune and lyrics, I edited the video quickly. It lifted me up to view the happy expressions of my family members. I was enamored with the humble and loving looks on Brian and Anna's faces as they stood surrounded by their favorite people.

All the possibilities
no limits 
just epiphanies

For the first time ever, I got very emotional while cutting this video.

Besides my own wandering thoughts about family, home, love, and big dreams realized, I think it was the honest expressions in their eyes that made me teary eyed.

Ready, though not perfectly prepared.
Willing, though not perfectly aware.


hopefully in love...
towards whatever person or thought that you imagine...
what dream is more worthwhile than that?