Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sunset Session

While resting on our worn-in couch yesterday evening, I said goodbye to the day's sun as it slipped behind the distant mountains, like a coin in a gum machine slot.

It's golden brilliance, which, just moments before had spread out towards everything it touched, slowly slipped from view until I was left with the cool, deepening hue of the night sky.

"Goodbye!" I waved, "See you tomorrow!" It's warmth and light felt like an old friend that I knew would call me soon.

And there, resting in wait, was the crescent moon, a reminder that the sun would be back- that I must rest in stillness and reflection until it rises again.

I felt full, I felt happy.

I felt productive. I wanted to rest.


What I was left with was a feeling of openness. I had time and space to be there for me.
What shall I do?

There were two things left undone. The two things that make me feel 'me', that give me joy. I realized that if for no other reason than to give me light, I must do them regularly to feel complete.

So I painted.
And I danced.
Sunset session: Tuesday, June 11, 2013 #paint

:) ... to be continued.