Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Morning Ramblings.

An unexpected three-day weekend gives me more rest. Multiple chances to share our new space with friends and family gives us more to think about, more to appreciate right now.

Last night's light rain feels refreshing, revealing... the first rain in the new house!

Today, I am calm and curious. I am ready to begin this week and looking forward to seeing my family this weekend. 

Despite my busy schedule and the many things occupying my brain, I am giving myself time to reflect. Time to drink hot tea. Time to read a chapter in my book. Time to write in my journal.

This morning, there are many things to do. But I get to choose what they are.
I've waited to have this independence since I can remember- days of imagining a grown-up me in a place, making decisions, feeling calm and capable. 

I've learned that reflecting in this way can be good, and every day I know it more. 
And now I take it a step further by feeling proud of myself. 
Not for any big accomplishment, but for the little ones.

Patience, Practice, Persistence. 
They add up to a big pay-off. That only means something to you.

Here are three things I am grateful for today:

A collection of videos from my cousin's wedding in February. I called on friends to shoot the wedding since I was in the bridal party and edited together these videos. Here is a highlight of the wedding that encompasses all the fun we had that day.
Stephanie + Chris Get Married from Reinel on Vimeo.

A work project featuring my favorite type of content to shoot. The 2013 Music Showcase at Academy of Art University featured some amazing talent. I've watched it several times. Not only for the music but to see where I can improve on my shooting and editing. Check it out by clicking here.

And of course, the new space.
...to stretch out and grow. :)

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