Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Start where you are.

I heard some good advice once: "Start where you are."

Throughout my life, I have often felt... like I was not up to 'speed', that I needed to 'catch up'.

Things have changed over the years. I have adjusted. I have learned to be flexible. I have calmed down with my state of urgency, a rush to do or be something else.

Start where you are.

We all have to start 'over' sometimes.

No... Start 'again' is better...

Start 'again'
...because 'over' sounds exhausting.

To start over, you have to repeat all the steps you already took. But to start again, you are in a forward state. You have new knowledge. You have experience.
You are not the same.
You are better, more prepared.

Again and again... and again.

I am becoming someone new. All the time. Never am I the same.

Start where you are. Start now.

Peer ahead.