Thursday, December 6, 2012


Love is overwhelming.
It is full and flowing.
It reaches all the tiny parts inside of you.
It fills you up.
It makes you full.

Love is unexpected.
It warms your heart. 

It makes things complex.
It brings on worry and pain and ecstasy.

Love is awkward.
It is new.
It grows with you.
It awakens the parts dead. 

It opens up your heart to more feeling, more possibilities that you didn’t know.

Love is forgiving.
It is always there, standing by your side.
Sometimes it waits, but it is always there.
Sometimes it is distant, but it is always there.

Love knows when.
Love has filled me up and I am drifting up.
I am grounded by it’s roots of time and patience.
But lifted by it’s spontaneity.

On the North tip of Maui, feeling like a happy island girl.

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