Friday, November 16, 2012

Restless Friday.

Me in Maui
-Last Friday in Maui

I am being given a surprise each day.
But it is up to me to anticipate it.
I know what the right thing to do is, in almost every situation.
And in the situations that are unclear, I can experiment.
I have to trust myself.
I know more than I know.
Survival tricks that no one knows I have.
Maybe I don’t even know myself as well as I believe I do.

I have changed. Not good and not bad.
Just different.
New environment. New challenges. New potential.
Everything I thought was sure before is always changing.

I can handle this. I can embody something...

Rewarding. fulfilling. thoughtful. provoking.

I am inspired by him.
He makes each day interesting and warm.

I can do better. Not because of what I think I will get, but because of how it will change me.
How it will make me better.

photo (2)
-Today, on the Pier in San Francisco

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