Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One of the things I still have to learn...

...is that I am not done learning yet.

When I start my day, I'm part prepared, part ready to tackle all the things for which I am not prepared.

I am trying to learn something new every day, so that I can slowly become more prepared for those things I can't see. As well as the ones that are blinding my eyes.

This past week I had some satisfying experiences. Here are some of my lessons learned:

Be curious. It's the only way to find new information.
My experience volunteering for KQED's Radio Pledge Drive was satisfying, thanks to an organized schedule and crew and a delicious meal and snacks. I experienced a tour of the TV and Radio studios and got to chat with some seasoned broadcasters. I absorbed a lot of information about the surroundings, procedure, people, and more that generated a lot of ideas and reflections. 

Let your body take the lead.
Getting ready to shoot :)
I worked with Volta Productions to shoot the B-Side 70s at Broadway Studios recently. It was a satisfying work experience. I pulled my weight and used my creativity. I was surprised to learn something simple: I enjoy wrapping cables, getting on my hands and knees to tape them down, and all the general lifting and moving that is required for the job. My body knew what to do, and it worked hard. As a result, I felt satisfied. 

The more challenging the learning curve, the more satisfying the gain.
My funky creations, ready to come home.
When I initially signed up for Ceramics classes back in October, I was excited to learn about this hands-on art form. This week I finally picked up the creations I had sort of neglected. I determined earlier this year that this was a craft that would require a lot more attention than I was prepared to provide.
Nevertheless, I am proud of my final creations, even if they are a little lopsided and strange. I am glad to have something to look at to remind me that I didn't give up, even though I had my frustrations with the process

The most satisfying part? A custom bowl for delicious guacamole!
Time for Guac.

Here's to more fun lessons in the day and getting through the monotonous ones with creativity ;)

More photos from the week here.


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