Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Building Endurance.

For the last month I have been working on my physical strength, flexibility, and balance. I figure if I can get my body on point, it will carry through in every other aspect of life.

Helping out in the yard this weekend, I realized another area that I need to focus: Endurance.

When you start a project, no matter how hot it is outside, how little you know about the situation, you've got to finish it. You make the most of your time, and try to learn something, so that you can improve next time you try.

A parallel can be made to running as well, an endurance sport that comes into my life from time to time. You should slow down when you're tired, walk, get a drink of water, but keep moving. If you just keep looking forward, each step will get you closer to the end. And then, you can rest. :)

Inner Stump
A piece of the inside of the stump. Flies and insects were flocking to it's moisture once it was hacked open.

Hacking the Stump
Mike takes an axe to a stump in the garden, working his arms and shoulders while he's at it.

Flowers praise the sun.
We also helped Mike's mom plant these wonderful yellow flowers. They won't all survive," she said, "but each morning, we'll have beautiful yellow flowers to look at." We'll also have tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries to enjoy!

Besides the flowers, we cleaned up the hedges, pulled out a bush, and cut out another stump.

I was tired, but I felt strong.

<3, Rei

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