Monday, March 5, 2012

Sales Lessons from the Flea Market Saturday

Handmade by Rei (mom and sis) ;)

This Saturday, a friend and I shared some of our handmade creations at a flea market in Castro Valley.
Initially, I signed up to see what types of items would be the best sellers and which ones I needed to improve. I ended up learning some interesting things that I didn't expect.... and some that I did. ;)

Even though the audience and event wasn't quite right (Shoppers were older and looking for discount, non-handmade items), my experience on Saturday allowed me to make some new observations and compare them with what I already know about ladies and their shopping behaviors:

1.  Touching means I'd like to buy it... and I probably will.
 The item I sold the most were rings. I think people enjoyed trying them on and fiddling with them in the glass tray that they were sitting in. I think at these events, the goal is to get some touchers.. makes them one step close to asking for price, and then you hope, digging in their purse for some cash.

2. If it's cheap, I can find a reason to buy it.
 Typically when ladies go shopping, they like to live vicariously through their friends who are; having a birthday soon, have a daughter, like something specific, etc. etc. Buying gifts for others is a hobby for some people, and if it's small enough and the right price, we'll buy it.

3. Little girls can get their grandparents to buy them anything.
I sold a ring to a little girl who hadn't even tried it on yet. It was way too big, but I wasn't about to tell her grandma that! She loved it, and she'll find some doll that can use it as a bracelet.

4. Engage the curious shoppers, they might come back!
Most of the time, I would strike up a conversation with a lingering lady about; how our materials are re-used, how we often make these together at craft parties, or about how the items are made. One lady even brought her friend back to the table and they both bought more rings. Many were curious about what we were making, since both Chloe and I were working behind the table during the entire event. The self-proclaimed "non-creatives" are curious about the creative process... and I'm happy to share!

Handmade rings, necklaces, and earrings

For more photos, click here.

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