Friday, January 20, 2012

The Best Part About Working in Video

The best part about creating video is the variety of content you get to experience.

During my time at the Communications Department at Antioch University, I was able to work on some great videos promoting great stuff.

Last spring, I was the Assistant Editor on a series of videos directed by Karen Black surrounding AULA's MA in Urban Sustainability program. The Master of Arts in Urban Sustainability is a newly created graduate program at Antioch University Los Angeles where I received my MA in September. Don Strauss and Andrea Richards who founded the program, are both very inspiring people with a real passion for this program.

For more videos from Antioch LA, including the 'It Gets Better' videos I shot and edited for the university campus, click here.

Highly recommended watch. Great stories. ;)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Re-Solutions 2012

ONE: Embrace the chaos that will inevitably exist. Learn from it.
TWO: 'Do it when you think of it' (My goal to take more actions).

On the first and second days of 2012, I embraced clutter (chaos) and organized my work environment (by doing a lot of mini actions).
Here are some of the results:
Garage Clean-Up Results in 'Vintage' Finds
Bottle Treasures
Inside Chipmunk box
Sad Doggie
CU_Chipmunk Lunchbox

Organized Work Space Sky-Rockets Creativity
Jan62011 MyPictures Jan62011_MyRoomMyEasel