Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Verdad de Navidad.

I pass no less than ten people sleeping on the street on my way to work. It's a difficult time, the holidays.
There are four people at the bart station, two a block from my work, and more that I can’t bear to notice.
In the last week, three women with small children have walked through the train asking for help. Not even the trumpeter playing Christmas music near Union street can lift my spirits when I see shoeless men pass me as I shiver from the cold and wrap my scarf around my face one more time.

It's a downer to contemplate these realities so close to a time when what we really want to think about is good cheer and merry everything. I often feel that the holidays are too condensed. Twelve days of Christmas... how about twelve months? It seems that warm feet and a warmer bed to sleep in every night are more valuable than I imagined.

That brings me to giving gifts for Christmas. The truth is, I don’t really need any more things. Are my loved ones healthy and happy? Do they know of my gratefulness towards them?

That’s what I want for Christmas. Because each year, tough or not, I learn something new and I grow UP a bit more. I have a lot to be grateful for this year and it feels like enough.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Love is overwhelming.
It is full and flowing.
It reaches all the tiny parts inside of you.
It fills you up.
It makes you full.

Love is unexpected.
It warms your heart. 

It makes things complex.
It brings on worry and pain and ecstasy.

Love is awkward.
It is new.
It grows with you.
It awakens the parts dead. 

It opens up your heart to more feeling, more possibilities that you didn’t know.

Love is forgiving.
It is always there, standing by your side.
Sometimes it waits, but it is always there.
Sometimes it is distant, but it is always there.

Love knows when.
Love has filled me up and I am drifting up.
I am grounded by it’s roots of time and patience.
But lifted by it’s spontaneity.


On the North tip of Maui, feeling like a happy island girl.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Restless Friday.

Me in Maui
-Last Friday in Maui

I am being given a surprise each day.
But it is up to me to anticipate it.
I know what the right thing to do is, in almost every situation.
And in the situations that are unclear, I can experiment.
I have to trust myself.
I know more than I know.
Survival tricks that no one knows I have.
Maybe I don’t even know myself as well as I believe I do.

I have changed. Not good and not bad.
Just different.
New environment. New challenges. New potential.
Everything I thought was sure before is always changing.

I can handle this. I can embody something...

Rewarding. fulfilling. thoughtful. provoking.

I am inspired by him.
He makes each day interesting and warm.

I can do better. Not because of what I think I will get, but because of how it will change me.
How it will make me better.

photo (2)
-Today, on the Pier in San Francisco

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Achieving goals with an Active approach

Meet Jay Limas, aka Active Jay, the owner and trainer of Active Sport & Fitness:

I met Jay a couple of years ago when I ran my first Ragnar Relay in Los Angeles. Together with 12 other runners, most whom I had never met before, we ran approximately 200 miles through LA County. Our team, Tacos and Hot Dogs Coming from Behind, trained in the months before the race with Jay as our guide. Besides his helpful tips throughout training, Jay was a source of energy and encouragement throughout our adventure. As I have gotten to know Jay more, I have learned that his active attitude carries through in everything else he attempts.

Active Sport & Fitness, located in Walnut, CA, is a full-functional facility where one can find Jay training clients before most people (like me!) have roused from their beds. Jay trains individuals young and more mature, some with injuries and others with a range of athletic and diet goals. For this video, Jay's clients were excited to speak on his behalf, voicing their commitment to him, born from Jay's unwavering dedication to help them reach their goals.

Jay is very dedicated to his business as well, passionate about creating a series of videos to show that living a healthy lifestyle is something we should all aim to achieve. He hopes to encourage people to not just visit the gym or follow a diet regime, but to be active. Jay seems to be participating in something active on a weekly basis! Sometimes it's a10k with the Active Sports & Fitness family, sometimes it's a triathalon!

I believe that Jay's active philosophy is one that can help people to achieve any type of goal--fitness related or not. It's not enough to consult with an expert, or create a strict training schedule to reach your goals. Those are important first steps, but a pro-active approach must also be adopted in order to get you to the finish line. Move forward each day, put one foot in front of the other, push yourself to a new limit, rep by rep, step by step.

And like a race, each journey will involve steep climbs, rocky terrain, and strong competition on all sides. That's why we all need cheerleaders- teammates who will pass us water for replenishment and give us feedback so we can improve.

With that, I'd like to say thank you to Jay for asking me to be a part of this project. I was inspired by his vision and glad to be on his team. I hope you enjoy the video and leave me feedback!


See what Jay and the Active Sports & Fitness family are up to on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/ActiveSportFitness

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Time to Reflect

So much to reflect upon...

I don't know where to start.

I've noticed that lately I don't feel as inspired to write in my journal, a once-upon-a-time relaxing opportunity for reflection, doodling, or working through an issue. I have had to force myself to sit down and write. It comes out, and then I move on to the next thing, hardly letting it sink in.

My head is full. Full of worry, hope, aspirations, ideas, concerns. Little details and big issues that don't have clear solutions.
And they will work themselves out.

What is important today? In order to smile myself to sleep, what do I need to fill my head with?

Perhaps I am reflecting on the wrong things.

What am I grateful for?

I don't know where to start...

Gorgeous Sky today!

To be continued...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One of the things I still have to learn...

...is that I am not done learning yet.

When I start my day, I'm part prepared, part ready to tackle all the things for which I am not prepared.

I am trying to learn something new every day, so that I can slowly become more prepared for those things I can't see. As well as the ones that are blinding my eyes.

This past week I had some satisfying experiences. Here are some of my lessons learned:

Be curious. It's the only way to find new information.
My experience volunteering for KQED's Radio Pledge Drive was satisfying, thanks to an organized schedule and crew and a delicious meal and snacks. I experienced a tour of the TV and Radio studios and got to chat with some seasoned broadcasters. I absorbed a lot of information about the surroundings, procedure, people, and more that generated a lot of ideas and reflections. 

Let your body take the lead.
Getting ready to shoot :)
I worked with Volta Productions to shoot the B-Side 70s at Broadway Studios recently. It was a satisfying work experience. I pulled my weight and used my creativity. I was surprised to learn something simple: I enjoy wrapping cables, getting on my hands and knees to tape them down, and all the general lifting and moving that is required for the job. My body knew what to do, and it worked hard. As a result, I felt satisfied. 

The more challenging the learning curve, the more satisfying the gain.
My funky creations, ready to come home.
When I initially signed up for Ceramics classes back in October, I was excited to learn about this hands-on art form. This week I finally picked up the creations I had sort of neglected. I determined earlier this year that this was a craft that would require a lot more attention than I was prepared to provide.
Nevertheless, I am proud of my final creations, even if they are a little lopsided and strange. I am glad to have something to look at to remind me that I didn't give up, even though I had my frustrations with the process

The most satisfying part? A custom bowl for delicious guacamole!
Time for Guac.

Here's to more fun lessons in the day and getting through the monotonous ones with creativity ;)

More photos from the week here.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Building Endurance.

For the last month I have been working on my physical strength, flexibility, and balance. I figure if I can get my body on point, it will carry through in every other aspect of life.

Helping out in the yard this weekend, I realized another area that I need to focus: Endurance.

When you start a project, no matter how hot it is outside, how little you know about the situation, you've got to finish it. You make the most of your time, and try to learn something, so that you can improve next time you try.

A parallel can be made to running as well, an endurance sport that comes into my life from time to time. You should slow down when you're tired, walk, get a drink of water, but keep moving. If you just keep looking forward, each step will get you closer to the end. And then, you can rest. :)

Inner Stump
A piece of the inside of the stump. Flies and insects were flocking to it's moisture once it was hacked open.

Hacking the Stump
Mike takes an axe to a stump in the garden, working his arms and shoulders while he's at it.

Flowers praise the sun.
We also helped Mike's mom plant these wonderful yellow flowers. They won't all survive," she said, "but each morning, we'll have beautiful yellow flowers to look at." We'll also have tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries to enjoy!

Besides the flowers, we cleaned up the hedges, pulled out a bush, and cut out another stump.

I was tired, but I felt strong.

<3, Rei

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Getting to the Surface

My boyfriend, understanding my visual nature, gave me this comparison the other morning: Solving a tough problem is like dealing with quicksand. The more you flail around frantically, the faster you sink.

So, what if... I remained still? What if I was more thoughtful and reflective and took more precise, informed action?

But how long will I have to wait until I am out? It would be faster if someone would just come over and pull me up by the hand.

For my independent study at Antioch University Los Angeles, I worked with Beverly Kaye, CEO of Career Systems International. In her book, Learn like a Leader, Kaye says," I learned (and have had to relearn more than once) that it is when the ground turns to quicksand that the most valuable learning and most valuable and enduring growth is about to happen. Oh, that there were an easier way."

It is encouraging to hear a woman as successful as Kaye wish for an easier way to get out of the muck.
I realize that the hardest part about the quicksand dilemma is that if you remain still, you won't sink, but you'll also never get out.

So how do you get out on your own?

"What you've gotta do is stop fighting," he says, "try and lift your body up... and try and wiggle up onto the surface and change the angle."

Change the angle.

Am I getting comfortable in the muck? ... Waiting (impatiently) for the universe to send some help?

Have I been looking at my problem from all angles?

Wiggle.... wiggle... wiggle...



Saturday, April 14, 2012

When I was a girl: I danced like Janet.

I think one of my key takeaways from graduate school was learning that I could adjust my perspective.
I learned the importance of identifying my core values and ensuring that my daily actions and future goals were in alignment with those values.

One of the 'tricks' I learned that really resonated with me was thinking about what made me happy as a child. What were the things I remember doing that made me smile, gave me energy and hope, even made me feel powerful?

When I was young, I dreamed LARGE. I sang loudly and confidently and danced, as they say, like no one was looking. I still feel this way today, but juggling real life financial and societal obligations and tons of other new adult things has made it harder to attack life with the same vigor.

In an attempt to capture the energetic, positive-thinking mentality of little Reinel, I have been taking small steps to connect with her on a daily basis.

The easiest and quickest path I've found is through listening to some of the artists I loved during that time- confident, beautiful, female role models like Mariah and Janet.

The songs below are some examples of tracks that have been surprisingly inspirational for me when in need of a pick-me-up. Never underestimate the power of music. Even if the lyrics don't hit me in any special way on a particular day, I always have a killer beat to dance to. And if you're dancing, you're probably happy.

Before Mariah started making videos with P. Diddy, I saw her as this beautiful, confident, down-to-earth woman with an angelic voice. My Aunt Debbie introduced me to the album, Emotions, and I can probably still sing all the lyrics to this day.  The key lyric from this track for me is: "If you believe in yourself enough and know what you want, you're gonna make it happen." Simple enough, right?

It was hard for me to pick one Janet video, I love them all and I probably should've chosen a video like Control to represent confidence or Rhythmn Nation to inspire positive thinking. Ultimately, I chose this one because it's my all-time favorite. The song and video go so well together- you just want to be one of Janet's friends hanging out with her in the scene. When I was a girl, Janet symbolized a strong, sexual, in control woman, who was still sweet and very good at what she did. I visualized myself obtaining this confidence I admired in my future work, relationships, and personal pursuits. Her music still makes me feel a connection to that woman, and always gets me groovin'.

I was introduced to Carole King by my mom. She would play her album, Tapestry, all the time when I was younger, so naturally, I know all the words. This song has popped into my head on several difficult mornings. "You've got to get up every morning, with a smile on your face and show the world, all the love in your heart." I can hear my mom singing along at the top of her lungs whenever it plays.

I have a growing list of music (new and old) that I am collecting for when I need a new perspective. Which ones get you thinking positively?


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sneak Peek: Promo videos for Active Sports & Fitness

Active Jay
Active Sports and Fitness Gym

The weather was beautiful for the Active Sports and Fitness shoot this past Friday in Walnut, California.
Jay, the owner and trainer, is a friend who I've actually collaborated on a video with before. We ran two Ragnar Relay's together, in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

He asked me to create a series of videos that would exemplify his unique business approach and informed training for healthy lifestyle seekers of all types. :)

Now... to edit!

Stay tuned...


Connect to Jay's "Active" FaceBook page here.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

Staying Calm.

After speaking with Kim about composing oneself during an interview, I began to remind myself to be calm whenever I started to feel nervous or out of control. It's not easy, but I figure, like everything else, it will take practice.

Like stretching, for example.

For about a month now, I have been stretching more often and massaging my muscles. Today, I can bend over fully, legs straightened, palms on the floor. It doesn't happen immediately.
 I spend about 5 minutes warming up, by slowly letting gravity pull the weight of my head down to the ground.
It is the most relaxing thing. I breathe deeply into all the tension in my muscles.
I rise up slowly. All the blood is in my head, and I'm smiling, ready to work.
I've found that feeling calmer has a lot to do with feeling good in your own skin. ;)
To more calm days,


Listening to... Ex-Factor, by Miss Lauren Hill

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tomorrow's Interview Better Bring it.

Tomorrow I have a job interview. I will need to look my best and 'be myself'.

The truth? Nothing makes me feel more not myself than getting dressed up for someone and sitting in their office.

But I think I have a cure.

This past November, I meet a woman named Kim A. Page. Kim has traveled the world and is well-versed in the language of nonverbal communication.
I asked her my burning questions and learned some new things along the way. I thought that our interview resulted in some great information that I wanted to share with others.

Please enjoy these videos that I created, and keep your eyes peeled for more soon.

Is my body signalling that I am confident, or that I don't know what the heck I'm talking about?

Do I really need to worry about telling the truth in the job interview?

What do I do if I get asked an impossible question?

For more on Kim, visit her facebook page!

If you like these videos, please share or leave a comment! Thanks ;)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sales Lessons from the Flea Market Saturday

Handmade by Rei (mom and sis) ;)

This Saturday, a friend and I shared some of our handmade creations at a flea market in Castro Valley.
Initially, I signed up to see what types of items would be the best sellers and which ones I needed to improve. I ended up learning some interesting things that I didn't expect.... and some that I did. ;)

Even though the audience and event wasn't quite right (Shoppers were older and looking for discount, non-handmade items), my experience on Saturday allowed me to make some new observations and compare them with what I already know about ladies and their shopping behaviors:

1.  Touching means I'd like to buy it... and I probably will.
 The item I sold the most were rings. I think people enjoyed trying them on and fiddling with them in the glass tray that they were sitting in. I think at these events, the goal is to get some touchers.. makes them one step close to asking for price, and then you hope, digging in their purse for some cash.

2. If it's cheap, I can find a reason to buy it.
 Typically when ladies go shopping, they like to live vicariously through their friends who are; having a birthday soon, have a daughter, like something specific, etc. etc. Buying gifts for others is a hobby for some people, and if it's small enough and the right price, we'll buy it.

3. Little girls can get their grandparents to buy them anything.
I sold a ring to a little girl who hadn't even tried it on yet. It was way too big, but I wasn't about to tell her grandma that! She loved it, and she'll find some doll that can use it as a bracelet.

4. Engage the curious shoppers, they might come back!
Most of the time, I would strike up a conversation with a lingering lady about; how our materials are re-used, how we often make these together at craft parties, or about how the items are made. One lady even brought her friend back to the table and they both bought more rings. Many were curious about what we were making, since both Chloe and I were working behind the table during the entire event. The self-proclaimed "non-creatives" are curious about the creative process... and I'm happy to share!

Handmade rings, necklaces, and earrings

For more photos, click here.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Try to Laugh

I overheard my grandma say this a few weeks ago and it still rings in my ears and makes me smile.
Laughing, she stated, "Well!... I have to have a sense of humor about it! Otherwise I'd be depressed!

Laughter feels good to every part of the body. It warms the belly, eases the tightest muscles, and allows more breath to come in.

Laugh. Smile. Loosen up.

Just because... it feels good.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My latest painting takes a dreamy turn


I turned one of my unfinished paintings on it's side, because I was not feeling the dark woman standing there.
I've discovered a happier scene. One that has a sunset, tree, and comfortable living space.

Body_Feb232012 Reinel Campa

I am excited to see where this one goes and if this spurt of inspiration will be contagious.
Mas fotos.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Art for Mind's Sake

Since I was a little girl, art, creation, and imagination were always second nature. My mother cultivated a strong sense of creativity in me and my dad, the notion that the 'sky's the limit'.

Today, art is my method for exploration. With every creation, I discover the secrets and answers within me... the only way I know how.

As I search for clarity in my work and life, I work with colored smelly markers and large pads of white paper for mind mapping, spontaneous sketches, brainstorm diagrams, and streams of consciousness.

My latest 'discovery session' resulted in an eye-opening collage. I worked on this piece for about a week, adding new images and markings little by little every day.

Collage _5

When I look at this collage, I am reminded that of my favorite quote by Pablo Picasso: "Everything you can imagine is real".  These images represent me, where I've been, where I am, and where I'd like to go. 

City Life

...and more?

mas fotos aqui

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Poem for Mikewl

Mikewl 4

On the Lake

distant tones muted
the birds fly low

At once, we spin like ice on the sink
slowly, we stop on a new landscape

Green, blue, gray
white, they blend

your hair is brown
your eyes glimmer like the ripples
before us

in silence
we stay

in silence
we glow


in love

mas fotos aqui

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Best Part About Working in Video

The best part about creating video is the variety of content you get to experience.

During my time at the Communications Department at Antioch University, I was able to work on some great videos promoting great stuff.

Last spring, I was the Assistant Editor on a series of videos directed by Karen Black surrounding AULA's MA in Urban Sustainability program. The Master of Arts in Urban Sustainability is a newly created graduate program at Antioch University Los Angeles where I received my MA in September. Don Strauss and Andrea Richards who founded the program, are both very inspiring people with a real passion for this program.

For more videos from Antioch LA, including the 'It Gets Better' videos I shot and edited for the university campus, click here.

Highly recommended watch. Great stories. ;)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Re-Solutions 2012

ONE: Embrace the chaos that will inevitably exist. Learn from it.
TWO: 'Do it when you think of it' (My goal to take more actions).

On the first and second days of 2012, I embraced clutter (chaos) and organized my work environment (by doing a lot of mini actions).
Here are some of the results:
Garage Clean-Up Results in 'Vintage' Finds
Bottle Treasures
Inside Chipmunk box
Sad Doggie
CU_Chipmunk Lunchbox

Organized Work Space Sky-Rockets Creativity
Jan62011 MyPictures Jan62011_MyRoomMyEasel