Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The WILD come out at NIGHT

Now that Thanksgiving is over, all everyone talks about are Christmas gifts.
This year, it's all about making gifts, since I'm still not making bank. I am thinking about either handmade cards or ornaments-- the more fun it is to make, the more special it will be.
Today I wanted to highlight some items made by me and a friend that might make nice gifts for someone special on your list. ;)

Handmade jewelry by my friend Genie Sanchez. Genie and I worked together shooting live music for a video production company in LA years ago. Since then, Genie has been photographing the Sunset Strip as ...totallylikeduh! and is currently the resident photographer for the Viper Room. Check out her gallery and visit her blog WildHeathen.com
Little Queen by Genie Sanchez
Welcome Home by Genie Sanchez

I was inspired by Dia de los Muertos this year to create some colorful earrings and bracelets. The embroidery floss design takes me back to my first experimentation with crafting: friendship bracelets. I think these earrings have personality and punch. They are perfect for a girl who is comfortable standing out. All the jewelry is sold exclusively on RoseRibbon.com

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