Friday, November 11, 2011

Sinful Sangria for a Slammin' Art Party!

Day 11 of Art Every Day Month

Today was prep and shop for tomorrow's Campa Creatives Craft Party. So although I did not paint or craft, I began my 'altar' art display for tomorrow, helped my mom set up a display for her garden banners, and made a delicious sangria that I am anxious to try tomorrow.

I am really looking forward to enjoying the lovely items my Grandma, friend Genie, and Aunt Debi will display at the party! But what I am really looking forward to is seeing everyone's face, catching up, and being surrounded by art!

I am going to post a lot of photos this weekend, so you will have to stay tuned... gotta get back to the preparations!

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Kelly said...

Sounds fun and inspirational!