Thursday, November 3, 2011

Images of Life after Death

 Day 3 of Art Every Day Month

Below are photos I took at the Day of the Dead celebration last night in Garfield Park.
Day of the Dead_threetier2
Day of the Dead_girl writing
Day of the Dead_frida
Day of the Dead_sign
Day of the Dead_candles
Day of the Dead_frida journal
Day of the Dead_skateheart2
Day of the Dead_floral

more photos on flickr

What feelings or thoughts arise when you look at these altars?
Some of these pieces honored young people, grandparents, pets, or notable people in history. It was amazing to be a part of their story. The altars were seen by hundreds of people in the park last night.. I had to squeeze my way past the crowd just to get out!
I was inspired, moved, and so glad I ventured into town to participate.
I look forward to creating my own altar at our Campa Creatives party next weekend!

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