Sunday, November 6, 2011

"I like bracelet making, and I think you will too!"

 Day 6 of Art Every Day Month
Bracelet_New Book_C
Today I made a bracelet, something I have been doing since I was a little girl. I recently made some jewelry that incorporates this embroidery string look. I think this look reminds me of a happy time as a young girl, discovering my inner creativity.

My boyfriend bought me the book, The Principles of Beautiful Web Design, today at Fry's. I am really looking forward to improving my artistic point of view for NiGHTandRei as well as Campa Creatives or any other web-related project to come.

Bracelet_New Book_A
I have had this plastic purple box where I store my embroidery string for bracelets for at least 15 years. Inside are index cards from a speech I gave in my 8th grade 'Life Skills' class entitled, "How to make Friendship Bracelets". Our assignment was to give a presentation to the class that taught them how to do something. I'll never forget that project because I got an A ++.

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