Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ceramics class a lesson in acceptance

Day 17 of Art Every day Month
Ceramic ash tray and other creations
The piece I started in ceramics class today actually never got to live. Two hours in, I messed it up and had to toss it aside. That's life on the pottery wheel. Rough.

But I decided that today's lesson was about letting things go.
Remembering that some days, you won't 'get it', but that doesn't make you a failure, just human.

So I do not have evidence of even an attempted piece!
But I found the pieces I made at a previous class and decided to paint and glaze one that I plan to give to my boyfriend. It's so he can keep all his ashes in one place in the backyard ;)
Ceramic ash tray
Unfortunately with the glaze on, you can't see the painting I did on the clay. Stay tuned for it's final look!
Create in Clay -Emeryville, CA
More pictures here and for information about the place I went to make these, go to

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