Thursday, October 20, 2011

Photographer Alaina features familiar faces

I feel so fortunate to be an adult in this time period. I can connect instantly to my family and friends no matter how far I travel. I recently moved to San Francisco, which I am pretty certain is the farthest anyone has ventured, in my lifetime at least. I am excited to explore the world, but I will always miss the familiar smiles and laughter from my mom, dad, sisters, and family.
On Facebook I am constantly in the know about their latest activity, goofball comment, or moment of pride.

Most importantly, I have photos.

My sister Alaina is able to express herself in a way that the rest of us cannot through photography.
Alaina notices smaller, quieter things that others don't. She discovers landscapes, nature, or forgotten objects and photographs them in unexpected ways.
Alaina is also able to capture moments with people that hold a lot of emotion and tell a memorable story. I was inspired by her latest shoot, featuring our two younger sisters, Tahlya and Makayla, where she captured their individuality and youthful spirits.

Here, Alaina comments on some of my favorite shots of people that she has taken over the years.
Photography by Alaina
"I was really proud of this shoot with Makayla because I was able to capture my baby sister for her first year of high school and on the golf team. I was also excited to take/edit/post this photo because I was using my new Canon 50mm f/1.8 II lens. I think it came out nicely."

Photography by Alaina
"I always feel so warm looking at this photo and it's one of my personal favorites... I feel like it embodies our many family celebrations and the clapping was likely accompanied by music - I remember we were doing karaoke. I added a warmer tone to this because I felt it was appropriate."

Photography by Alaina
"Shooting this quince was fun because I got to take youthful photos like this one. These types of photos are necessary for such events... I made sure to add a subtle vignette to draw the viewer in to her smile. Which is super cute!"

Photography by Alaina
"Kristi at times can be so shy and this Senior photo was one of my faves in the set. She was just laughing at something her sister said. When I look at it, I feel like her beauty and sweet personality illuminates through. Sorta like how that sun is coming through behind her ;)""

Photography by Alaina
"Stella and Vido are so funny, and such nice people and Jake is such a bright kid. Photos of my family of course, hold the most emotion for me and I'm reminded of the lightheartedness that my family has with this photo."

Photography by Alaina
"Hanna was really concentrated on making the perfect bubble. I love taking pictures of her because she's always so silly and playful, and also very smart and witty. She'll always be a "little girl" to me and this photo keeps that feeling intact."

Photography by Alaina
"For this small shoot I had with Katie, I wanted her to run around the playground and do whatever she wanted because that's exactly who she is and I didn't want to portray her any other way. I no longer see her as often as I used to and when I come across this set of photos I laugh because it shows her fun and wild personality."

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