Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Making things...thinking of making it.

The process of painting with oils so far has really surprised me. I imagined that the experience would be intimidating, but it has actually been pretty liberating. It is hard to make a mistake when the paint stays wet so long. I am curious to discover what else is inside of me.

For this painting, I tried to recreate an image in my head. I used these two photos as inspiration:
I have also become very curious about the idea of selling my art. Throughout my life, crafts have been a natural thing-- I always gave handmade gifts for Christmas and had the most creative class projects.
I am inspired by the fact that others enjoy my art and I wonder if I could support myself by doing something that makes me truly happy.
To experiment this idea, I have gathered my mother and three sisters to sell our work under the name Campa Creatives. For now, we are promoting on facebook and word-of-mouth, but I hope to sell on etsy, start a blog, and station ourselves at different art fairs.
This weekend we will have our first Craft Party! I hope that this event will not only promote our idea and creativity, but bring together like-minded ladies who will support us and participate with us throughout this experience!
Bead and wire rings
Handmade rings
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