Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Recipe for a Slow Moving Summer Day

Time is slowing down
A goal is clear in sight
I wake early with the sun
pants-less through the night

Step One:
Step Two:
Handmade RocknWire Necklace
Rock Necklace made by me
CU Necklace
Step Three:
Step Four:
Thrift store find: jewelry boxes
Thrift Store Success!
Thrift store find: Little Girl w/ Rooster & Little Boy with puppy
Thrift store find: about 200 cards
Thrift store find:Glass Box
Step Five:
Time to re-design

I have been inspired to "redesign" these items. They cost between 1 and 6 dollars at a thrift store in Azusa, CA. Stay tuned for their 'upgraded' looks!
More pics here.

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