Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Trust, Risk, and Billionaire Pleasures

In the video above, an amazing East Coast indie she-musician goddess, Joan Wasser, talks about her creative process. Joan as Policewoman (as she calls herself) is an 'inspiration' for me, a muse, a mentor. Joan is creative and strong in her own opinion. Her cool style and relaxed demeanor are interesting and familiar. In the video she describes that she directed her latest album to a certain point and then let the 'experts' she trusts be themselves with it. She didn't even let her musicians hear her work beforehand. She's not controlling them, she is trusting them.

I see the way I work represented in her style in some ways. As a video producer, I always accepted that I wasn't strong in all areas and tried to work with others to my advantage. I still want that - to be able to just do one thing strongly and work collaboratively with others. I like when no one feels controlled, we all trust one another.

This reminds me of one time that I actually had this experience.
Billionaire Pleasures.

A one time 24-hour film contest at work, which we think was intended to help certain individuals get along, turned into a revealing discovery. We actually worked together PRETTY well when we wanted to! (AND MADE AWESOME SH*&!) We were being ourselves, trusting our gut, and taking risks!

Our team won that day. Credit is due to our hilarious and daring script written by Scott Chema, but ultimately, I think our team won because we trusted each other and collaborated.

With that team, I took risks! I did a 'sexy' scene with Scott, even though I was hesitant. Actually, everyone took a risk by sharing roles. For each scene, one person would act, one person would shoot, and one person direct, and then we would switch. It could've gone terribly wrong, but... it didn't. Not at all.

I trusted my gut! After our first meeting, we had a lot to do, so I designated everyone with tasks. An hour later, we had props, locations, cast assignments, and a typed out script, scene by scene! From then on, anything anyone suggested was a good enough option to try out for me!

And I was myself.. I was suddenly empowered by my team to think about the stuff I was good at and cared about because they were there to pick up the slack. I was being creative.

I think finding these 'key players' in your life is an essential goal. We look for these people in our personal lives, our work lives...the better you are at it, I think the more success, happiness, and well being you will have.
In the last couple of years I have been working on creating that dynamic with my family because, well, your family stays your family.
I think now, especially because it's time to find a career, identifying my key players for work is a must.
Because if I can recreate the feeling that Billionaire Pleasures gave me, I will feel that I have made it "there".

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