Monday, June 27, 2011


The days are long
the sun rests high
slow and steady
time passes me by

I seek inspiration
things to discover
long romps in the sun
cool nights to recover

Feet free and bare
thighs sticky with sweat
I feel wide awake
dreams not present yet

At once I believe
that this life isn't 'won'
so I bask in the comfort
of the bright summer sun

In the City of Reynoso, TX

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Two years ago, I enrolled in grad school-- more time, more money-- in an effort to find-- what was missing...
Now I am here, still wanting something else, further ahead...
Letting go.
Today on Oprah's MasterClass, I was inspired by her words. She said,
"Surrender. Surrender to the universe, let it go. Trust that you will be Ok. Always keep going, don't look back--
"Take control of the space you have, because you can't control the other guy"

I discovered this amazing video by Director Daniel Askill today and it blew me away. It reminded me to be in the moment... absorb what is in front of me. Anticipation for the end is great, but what exists in the space between can be pretty damn cool.

ksubi kolors from ksubi on Vimeo.

After watching this video, I remembered that Askill has done some memorable music videos. Check them out here