Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Like a Book Elegantly Bound in a Language That I Can't Read

There comes a time (or several) in our long lives where the slowness is kind of unbearable. Discovery is a worthwhile cure I think. There is so much to discover, that I could just discover into eternity.

In. Out. Taste the Air.
Cool. Icy. Wet.
Inflate, Inhale.
Release, Exhale.
Indulge. See, Listen, Feel.
The Sky is Clear.
The Clouds are near.
Fire, Wind-
Places to go.
Color, Movement-
I'm Lost, I'm Found.
Dark, Light-
Bold as Red.
Black, Shimmer-
One, Two, and Three Four
One, Two, and Three Four
One, Two, Three-

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