Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Reality show: My life as an Independent Video Producer?

I've decided that I should do a reality show of my life.
But then I realized that I would end up doing the whole thing myself and then nothing would ever get done.
It would be the ultimate vicious cycle.
Here's how it would likely unfold:
I set my camera to record minutes before I wake.
I continue through the day, setting up shots, doing something, pausing tape, etc.
For most of my days, the camera would show me sitting at a computer; looking for jobs, working for the communications dept. at my university, studying, or editing.
And then, at the end of the day I'd capture the footage and pass out.
Who knows when I would edit it. Let alone find music, edit the audio, create an appropriate logo, create graphics, maybe shoot and edit an intro or narration, export, upload, and promote. Oh I forgot that before I could do any of this I'd need to sit through hours of footage trying to find interesting pieces.

On the plus side, I wouldn't have to write content, seek out actors, book interviews, direct talent, or think about how to brand it too much. !!!
Woopdie doo.
"Such a fun job" everyone says. Yes, such fun jobs.

But seriously, having a camera has allowed me to be more creative, feel more in control, and also more confident.
I'm doing more work and getting more comfortable. Maybe I'll learn how to make money soon!

But I need to find a balance. Keeping the camera means producing full shows and segments that I am used to having a team to assist me with. So instead of the typical five jobs I used to perform, now I have all ten.
Nevertheless, I've learned some important things through this process that have been very helpful.
I am capable, even if it drives me a little crazy.
I'm always proud of my work, even if it's a little late to the party.
Although I'm not there yet, I'm moving.

So what happened this week on the reality 'show'?
Paid work on tuesday for a university event and behind the scenes for music video by a Grammy nominated video director. Plus a new segment about health and fitness with a fun 'spy girl' theme is in post production. And in the works- shooting a music-related segment featuring SoCal bands. So ready to start filming live music again:)
What will happen in the next episode of My Life As An Independent Video Producer?
Stay tuned...

Photo by the amazing Genie Sanchez aka Totally Like Duh


Healthy Being said...

I'm intrigued by the 'Rei's life: Part Time Student, Part Time Employee, Full Time Comprehensive Production Team'
And you're working on a video for a health/fitness/spy chick? Sounds pretty awesome ;)

I'm staying tuned!

Unknown said...

Hmmm, doesn't sound like you've got enough to do. Maybe I can help fix that...

- Freddy