Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lemonade stands and Ipads

Lately I've been thinking about how perspectives are affected by age and the time period that we grew up in. I am also finding that when I am mindful of something, opportunities for continued consideration pop up everywhere.
Like, the Sunday funnies.
The above strip made me smile because last week I got my first tattoo despite the discontent I knew I would encounter from some family members. I have no regrets about the tattoo, in fact, I am very happy about the conversations that it has inspired. I am learning that one's upbringing heavily affects their perceptions of tattoos and the people who have them. This may just be the start of a new research inquiry. ;)
I turned the page of the paper and then I saw this:
As a supporter of vintage fashion and shopper myself, I am proud of the fact that retro clothes are making a comeback. From the perspective of an elderly person, this is probably funny, but not surprising. Trends often make a 'comeback' but it's great now because it's eco-smart! This brings up more questions for me: What makes us reach back into a past era for inspiration with fashion, music, and the like? Are we looking for something new and different? Do we feel that there are no new territories to explore? Do we yearn for something else in that era that we think we are missing today?
Then, when I thought I couldn't experience more themed thoughtfulness, I saw this:
Luann has always been one of my favorite comics. I think I feel a kinship with her and the youth/teen genre in general- craving independence, but also wanting to play. Every year, I feel myself being forced out of this age range- I push back with resistance. Maybe... I don't have to leave... completely...
Anyways, the evolution of technology is a change that my generation is experiencing. While we might have had some basic computer toys as kids, every child from here on out will come to expect it. This is a very present change. Cool and exciting.
But this comic brought to light my conflict with this reality. When I am at my computer for hours, frustrated by the machine, I yearn for a sprinkler, jumprope, and a endless summer day. Where mom is cooking dinner once the sun goes down and will call you in to eat. Giggling with girlfriends at all night sleepovers. Board games, puppet shows, decorate-your-own-cupcake birthday parties.
So, yes, sometimes I need to go outside and blow bubbles.
Every generation has a story and within that a new story for every region and every family and every individual. We change, we grow, we adapt. We reach forward and sometimes backwards. It's all good as long as we're trying, thinking and aspiring. I'm impressed with the Sunday funnies' ability to inspire me this week... ;)

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