Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Delicious treats for your eyes and ears

If you haven't caught this flying around cyberspace yet, here it is:
Click here for an awesomely delicious treat.

This is a unique, totally out-of-the-box, creative online music video project. You'll need to close extra tabs and any unnecessary programs to view. But it's totally worth it. Chris Milk leads this project, which is an interactive music video for Arcade Fire's "We Used to Wait". What I love about this is that it is something refreshingly new. This project made me realize that all the times in the recent past that I have used the word 'new', I had not fully realized the meaning of the word. I hadn't truly been 'wow'ed or made to rethink the way I have been doing things. This project gave me that feeling. Milk took some unique elements (music, html, google chrome, video, graphics) and married them together for an enjoyable aural, visual, and interactive experience. I'll admit I feel like this puts me to shame. I think creatively. I am aware and try to think outside the box. But how do I live it every day? What choices, interactions, and decisions can I treat with newness so that I can recreate this feeling in my life? This project also makes me think about interconnectedness and how everything is just a bunch of intermixed systems working together. What unobvious connections can I make in my world to recreate some newness? Connessione. ;)
I have a couple of video projects that I am working on and I am feeling much more confident. This is so essential because with creative endeavors, sometimes I doubt myself and then I get into a sort of editor's/shooter's/director's block. I think I've finally broken through and my colorful, energized juices are starting to flow. Here's a little something I shot and edited inspired by my newest inspiration: my tattoo. I have plans for a longer version in the works...

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