Monday, August 9, 2010

Art Everywhere. Inspiration Achieved.

This past Saturday I attended an event at the House of Blues hosted by DeviantART.
It was magical. Although I've been to the HOB many times, in different cities, and in different rooms of the venue, this time I was able to walk freely through every room on every floor for the entire evening!
I brought my camera along for the ride and quickly cut something together to share:

Event Showcase-DeviantART 10th Bday @ House of Blues from Reinel on Vimeo.

I was very happy to attend this event for another reason. Lately, I have been trying to link my current responsibilities, my desires, and my goals together. I decided that I needed a fresh outlook and the only way to do that would be to physically put myself in new places. Friday morning at 4am my boyfriend and I dragged ourselves out of bed and went to the beach. We ate breakfast. We came home and slept at 10am. Then I went to the park to read. I ate lunch at a new place. By myself.
This art event was something different. I was in a venue that I am already inspired by. I love the art on the walls, the fact that music lives there, and the eclectic feel from all the surroundings. Then, to be around new people, artistic people at that, was a pleasant experience. No rubbing up against sweaty, drunk people. It was all ages, so instead I ran into very talented artists young and old.
Plus, I had my camera. And as I think about my opportunities, goals, and desires and try to find a link between them, video comes to mind. I have the ability and the opportunity, now how can I use these things to say what I want to say? How can I use these things to be where I want to be? What does it all MEAN?! :D

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