Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Delicious treats for your eyes and ears

If you haven't caught this flying around cyberspace yet, here it is:
Click here for an awesomely delicious treat.

This is a unique, totally out-of-the-box, creative online music video project. You'll need to close extra tabs and any unnecessary programs to view. But it's totally worth it. Chris Milk leads this project, which is an interactive music video for Arcade Fire's "We Used to Wait". What I love about this is that it is something refreshingly new. This project made me realize that all the times in the recent past that I have used the word 'new', I had not fully realized the meaning of the word. I hadn't truly been 'wow'ed or made to rethink the way I have been doing things. This project gave me that feeling. Milk took some unique elements (music, html, google chrome, video, graphics) and married them together for an enjoyable aural, visual, and interactive experience. I'll admit I feel like this puts me to shame. I think creatively. I am aware and try to think outside the box. But how do I live it every day? What choices, interactions, and decisions can I treat with newness so that I can recreate this feeling in my life? This project also makes me think about interconnectedness and how everything is just a bunch of intermixed systems working together. What unobvious connections can I make in my world to recreate some newness? Connessione. ;)
I have a couple of video projects that I am working on and I am feeling much more confident. This is so essential because with creative endeavors, sometimes I doubt myself and then I get into a sort of editor's/shooter's/director's block. I think I've finally broken through and my colorful, energized juices are starting to flow. Here's a little something I shot and edited inspired by my newest inspiration: my tattoo. I have plans for a longer version in the works...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lemonade stands and Ipads

Lately I've been thinking about how perspectives are affected by age and the time period that we grew up in. I am also finding that when I am mindful of something, opportunities for continued consideration pop up everywhere.
Like, the Sunday funnies.
The above strip made me smile because last week I got my first tattoo despite the discontent I knew I would encounter from some family members. I have no regrets about the tattoo, in fact, I am very happy about the conversations that it has inspired. I am learning that one's upbringing heavily affects their perceptions of tattoos and the people who have them. This may just be the start of a new research inquiry. ;)
I turned the page of the paper and then I saw this:
As a supporter of vintage fashion and shopper myself, I am proud of the fact that retro clothes are making a comeback. From the perspective of an elderly person, this is probably funny, but not surprising. Trends often make a 'comeback' but it's great now because it's eco-smart! This brings up more questions for me: What makes us reach back into a past era for inspiration with fashion, music, and the like? Are we looking for something new and different? Do we feel that there are no new territories to explore? Do we yearn for something else in that era that we think we are missing today?
Then, when I thought I couldn't experience more themed thoughtfulness, I saw this:
Luann has always been one of my favorite comics. I think I feel a kinship with her and the youth/teen genre in general- craving independence, but also wanting to play. Every year, I feel myself being forced out of this age range- I push back with resistance. Maybe... I don't have to leave... completely...
Anyways, the evolution of technology is a change that my generation is experiencing. While we might have had some basic computer toys as kids, every child from here on out will come to expect it. This is a very present change. Cool and exciting.
But this comic brought to light my conflict with this reality. When I am at my computer for hours, frustrated by the machine, I yearn for a sprinkler, jumprope, and a endless summer day. Where mom is cooking dinner once the sun goes down and will call you in to eat. Giggling with girlfriends at all night sleepovers. Board games, puppet shows, decorate-your-own-cupcake birthday parties.
So, yes, sometimes I need to go outside and blow bubbles.
Every generation has a story and within that a new story for every region and every family and every individual. We change, we grow, we adapt. We reach forward and sometimes backwards. It's all good as long as we're trying, thinking and aspiring. I'm impressed with the Sunday funnies' ability to inspire me this week... ;)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Art Everywhere. Inspiration Achieved.

This past Saturday I attended an event at the House of Blues hosted by DeviantART.
It was magical. Although I've been to the HOB many times, in different cities, and in different rooms of the venue, this time I was able to walk freely through every room on every floor for the entire evening!
I brought my camera along for the ride and quickly cut something together to share:

Event Showcase-DeviantART 10th Bday @ House of Blues from Reinel on Vimeo.

I was very happy to attend this event for another reason. Lately, I have been trying to link my current responsibilities, my desires, and my goals together. I decided that I needed a fresh outlook and the only way to do that would be to physically put myself in new places. Friday morning at 4am my boyfriend and I dragged ourselves out of bed and went to the beach. We ate breakfast. We came home and slept at 10am. Then I went to the park to read. I ate lunch at a new place. By myself.
This art event was something different. I was in a venue that I am already inspired by. I love the art on the walls, the fact that music lives there, and the eclectic feel from all the surroundings. Then, to be around new people, artistic people at that, was a pleasant experience. No rubbing up against sweaty, drunk people. It was all ages, so instead I ran into very talented artists young and old.
Plus, I had my camera. And as I think about my opportunities, goals, and desires and try to find a link between them, video comes to mind. I have the ability and the opportunity, now how can I use these things to say what I want to say? How can I use these things to be where I want to be? What does it all MEAN?! :D

Monday, August 2, 2010

Don't expect anything.

Instead of planning every action, of every moment, of every day in order to feel productive and ready and prepared, I will only plan what's necessary and leave the rest to the universe.
I will follow what makes sense right now, not what I think needs to happen in order to get to my place of peace at the end of the week. I will get there today.

Today, I chose to stay and sit and talk because I could.
I chose to enjoy the lull in the conversation instead of jumping to 'I better get going'- something we do when we feel discomfort. I didn't need to be anywhere- but there.
I stayed a little longer- I did whatever I felt just then.
I knew that I had an hour worth of traffic to sit through...
and normally I feel anxiety towards it, but today I accepted it.
I decided to be in the moment, in my car, listening to my music, with the windows rolled down.
Here's one of the songs that got me through that LA traffic 5 o'clock commute. Turn it up. Roll down the windows. Play the drums on your steering wheel like your life depends on it.

As I made these new, conscious choices today I noticed...I felt... different.
I felt creatively liberated, relaxed... I thought about myself, thought about what I am doing now in my life.. I felt less restricted.
I tried not to think about what might go wrong. I tried not to think about the future. Slow and purposeful. I thought about the events of the day, and the things I needed to do to be prepared, but i didn't spend so much time stressing about what could and would happen.
I can't predict the future-- there is no sense in even worrying about it.
Prepare for that moment, and then improvise the rest.
Be flexible. You have to be. Nothing is for sure and nothing will happen as you expect. Don't expect it to be anything. Just be.