Thursday, July 8, 2010

Running for Life

I'm gearing up for my second relay in October. This time I'll be running 15-20 miles in Vegas with my sister and friend Melia along for the ride. When I ran the relay in LA, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I figured this would motivate me to work out, plus it sounded like a novel opportunity. I like trying new things (this is one thing about me that I love).
Post relay, I was sore, sleepy, hungry, and injured- But-- inside, I felt a strange sense of pride and accomplishment that I had not felt since 2005. This was the same feeling that I felt after I directed my first music video. It was almost an out of body experience- like, did I just do that?
What a great feeling! To execute something challenging (mental or physical) is a reminder that truly, the sky is the limit. You'll never know what you are capable of until you attempt.
Sometimes, I end up accomplishing something that I never thought I'd dream up. I'll suddenly get inspired by something unique and that will take me down an entirely new path of learning.
If only I could get over the doubts and restrictions that are set in my mind that keep me from fulfilling my wildest dreams. Why not?
Self reflection has made me aware of some of the reasons for these restrictions in my mind. Most of the time, they are pointless.
So where to next? Will I have time to fulfill all my fantasies? Will I keep pushing for those most challenging dreams?
Another year and I have no regrets. That is the most liberating realization of my 27th birthday. Thank you Mikey for helping me to accept that.

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