Thursday, April 8, 2010

Inspiration is What Keeps Us Going

I came across something very cool today on Do Something's website, where they had announced their 2010 finalists for a Social Entrepreneurship award.

The girl that caught my eye was the second one, Alia. On a visit to Sri Lanka, she met some young girls ages 11-18 who were being abused by their fathers, uncles or brothers, and many were young mothers. She began teaching them how to make jewelry, and those items are for sale on Etsy!! They are so beautiful!

I guess the project, Emerge Global, not only encourages these girls to be creative and have self-confidence, but teaches them how to run a business through a five-step program. Here's an interview with Alia, who recently graduated from MIT, talking about her program :

I encourage you to check it out, and maybe buy something! I think what this girl is doing is amazing, and I hope it inspires you like it did me. :)

If this topic interests you, there's a book about prostituting in Pakistan called The Dancing Girls of Lahore by Louise Brown that is very good. It is a very surreal culture to get to peer into: disturbing, but eye-opening and worth the read if you can take it.

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