Sunday, January 17, 2010


today i feel slow. Shouldn't I be relieved that today is a slow day? It's raining lightly outside, I am warm in my room with no where to be and no pressing assignments to complete.
Slowness makes me feel nervous. Like I'm not doing enough. I remember that I only have 300 dollars remaining in my bank account and enjoying a nice weekend dinner is not exactly feasible.
I should be finding a job, I say to myself. But what good is stressing over a job on a sunday afternoon? I won't hear back about anything anyways until the weekday.
This quarter is a bit slower than last. I am working at the university, but only making enough money to cover my monthly bills. My boyfriend keeps reminding me that this is only temporary when I come home exhausted from my long day which included over an hour's worth of traffic there and back.
I'm grateful for what I have. I am content. But I am still having trouble.

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