Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I survived my first week of grad school!

So far so good. This first week was tough; lots to absorb, interpret, and apply. The challenge was great motivation for me though, especially because I have spent the majority of this entire year feeling counterproductive, lazy, and under-stimulated. Involving myself in this program, applying myself, and being challenged with these assignments is just what I needed. My hope is that things will start to look up from here. My goal is that through the course of my studies, I will gain a clearer understanding of 'what I ought to be doing with my life'. And from there, all my other goals; purchase a place of my own, get a dog, travel, etc., will fall into place. And maybe there will be other things that I didn't expect. That is what I am discovering right now. That you should never expect that everything will work out just as you planned. Because chances are, things will turn out better.

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