Friday, October 9, 2009

Almost through my first week of school!

Technically, I've completed the class portion, but today is like a school day in that I am devoting all my energy into finishing my homework. There is a lot to accomplish. So far, I am not overwhelmed, but I am looking forward to being near finished so that I can prepare myself for my second week.
The content I am reading is interesting and appropriate. Today I read about how to rate personality, and the importance of emotion and mood in the workplace. These are topics I have always wondered about and gone over in my head. It's such a neat experience to read about my thoughts in a book-- to be learning more about them.
My work environment feels comfortable. I have the internet, a cozy, bed, and the ability to control the environment throughout the day.

Today I walked to the post office. Once in a while I'll opt to walk instead of drive, seeing as how the trip is less than a mile. There is something very liberating about walking. I realized this today. When you get into your car, you become 'the' creature of habit, of rules, of opening the door, finding the keys, starting the car, buckling your seat belt, watching for dangers, pulling out of the lot, stopping at red lights, etc, etc. Sure I have to follow some rules when I'm walking considering that there are a lot of much larger things that could run me over, but generally, when you walk, you just open the door, walk outside, walk to your destination, do your business there, and walk out. Soon, you're right back where you started. :)
(this picture was taken of me at the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco earlier this year by Mikey)

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