Friday, September 25, 2009

today was a good day.

Tonight I made salmon with rice pilaf and spinach for dinner. I was not looking forward to cooking since I came directly from shopping at Wal-Mart and Home Depot. I was angry that I had forgotten my reusable bags, and angry at the unnecessary amount of plastic bags that I inherited. Also, there is a certain amount of patience I must sustain when shopping with my aunt. All in all, it was a productive trip, I know that I stress out sometimes when I shouldn't. Plus, my dinner was delicious.
I am really excited about this magazine, Fitness because it has great, healthy recipes, tons of workouts, and other essential information. It's like my health bible/cookbook! Today, I excitedly bought the October issue-- my September issue is so worn from use!
Yesterday, I hung out with my cousin all evening. We went to a very interesting talk at the LA library (which was beautiful). The speaker was the author of a book called No Impact Man and it was very enlightening! Then my cousin and I walked around downtown, and went to her apartment and had a long talk about life, family, and more. It was awesome, and uplifting!
The knowledge that school is approaching is giving me a more positive mood, I think. Today was kind of exciting. I wanted to send friendly texts to my family members and closest friends, just to let them know I was thinking of them. That actually felt very good. I think if I can try to do that every time I think of them, it will bring up the moods of both parties. Now that school is starting, I feel like I have a purpose to get organized. To make lists, to write things down--to get things done. So today was a good day, but I should sleep now, so I can have a similarly good one tomorrow :)

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