Wednesday, August 12, 2009

here I am.

I've finally grown accustomed to my situation. Instead of fighting it, I have found ways to enjoy it. The best part is that I have so much free time, all of the things I could never get to are waiting for me to pursue.
I know I will look back on this time and be happy. I try the best that I can, and nothing bad can come out of that.
It is so important for me to stay motivated right now. To stay optimistic.
I feel that by eating healthy and exercising, I will get the stimulation that my body needs. That my brain needs.
So I continue to occupy my time with family, friends, cooking, reading, new interests like gardening, playing the drum, and running of course. Someday this will make sense.
I will say; I am grateful that I had that time to hone those skills, because now I am more prepared. Now I am better equipped.
These words seem floaty, but I do believe them.

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