Thursday, July 16, 2009

warm summer nights

I'd like to be outside in "my" yard, with low lights, maybe some candles or stringed lights hanging in the trees, with some soft music, maybe some reggae, Kcrw late night, early morning program, enjoying the easy breeze, maybe having a drink. Perhaps there is a waterfall there, or a pool, or maybe I'm in a jacuzzi, just kicking back.
This is a simple place, big enough for me and my love, and for friends and family on occasion. The things I hang on the walls, the place that I place each item, is chosen by me, it is a place where I can express myself. There is room for me to be creative, to move, to relax, to experiment, to be organized, to be me.
Is this place somewhere? Or do I create this space wherever I am at?
Can I find myself there soon?
I am very impatient. I am not sure that I can be sure that having what I want when I want it will satisfy me.
But I feel so vividly what I desire so often.
It feels far away.

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