Friday, June 26, 2009

Road Trip to AZ and a cute baby.

That rhymes.
What more could you want from a weekend getaway? Mike and I took a late saturday drive down the 10 to Phoenix, Arizona to visit Mikey's friends the Benjamins. Once in Phoenix, we checked in to our hotel and got some Applebees for the night. Which happened to be the only place open at 11pm on a saturday (wtf?)
We woke well rested and got ready for the surprise 30th birthday party for Dave, that would be a sort of 'traveling surprise' party if you will, or a 'bring the party to you' party. We met his friends and family around the corner from his house with balloons and pizza and then caravaned to his house together.
Fun with balloons
The surprise was a success! We hung out at their great little house, played with their 6 month old son, Jackson, and met some of their friends.
I am very glad that I have been introduced to these wonderful people and that I get to share memories with them.
Our trip to Arizona was a relaxed, memorable one that I hope to recreate soon.
adorable baby Jackson

Sunday, June 7, 2009

new kittehs

Mikeh <3 kitteh
So, I don't love cats. But, I live with four cats (five including Mikey's), and recently, we inherited four more.
It has turned into a big responsibility, and my aunt is unable to care for them like she used to. So, I am left with the delightful job of finding them homes, feeding them all, and getting the mama cat fixed.
Luckily, my boyfriend loves cats as much as my aunt. So, he has taken to caring for them, getting rid of their fleas, and soon enough, we will have the mama cat de-mammafied.
It's been a tough road, and Mikey has the scars, scratches, and blood wounds to prove it. Let's just say, mama cat was never very friendly. Not my favorite creature.
But the kitties are growing now, and developing individual personalities. Hopefully, some friends of ours will step up and take them into our homes, cause unfortunately, there is most likely a short future for them anywhere else we may take them.

My Best Friend's Wedding

Last month was very busy. I was working a temp job, but it ended just before my best friend's wedding festivities. First, the bachelorette party, of course. We spent a weekend in San Diego, went for sushi, and bar hopped downtown! Check out the pics, especially the sign and visors I made for the crew!
Robin's Bachelorette Beach Brothel
The next week we prepared for the wedding; the rehearsal was on a lovely thursday evening. Ray's parents treated us all to a lovely dinner at the Underground. Then, we waited in anticipation for the wedding!
Me and the bride-Wedding Rehearsal Dinner
Everything was beautiful and lovely! Their close friend led the ceremony; it was touching and perfect for the two of them. I felt very proud standing up there with my friend, and all of these new, amazing friends that I have made as a result of their union. My mother did the flowers(which were gorgeous, of course) and my sister was the photographer, and I can't wait to see the photos and reminisce on the excellent day!