Monday, May 4, 2009

A hectic month! swaps, plays, and grub

There are so many little moments when I think of a great blog post, but have no time to get it written. Many events have also come and gone, so I have a lot of catching up to do on my blogging.
A wonderful friend of mine invited me to a 'Clothes Swap' back in November. I brought my cousin, and our eyes were opened to this magical world of swapping clothes! It was great to feel like I had a 'fresh' wardrobe without having to spend a dime! Plus, I was able to rid my closet of stuff that was taking space, and hand them off to an eager swapper. My sisters were, of course, ecstatic about this concept and begged me to invite them to the next one. Well, when the party was delayed, I decided to throw one of my own with my cousin Stephanie. Click on the photo for more images of our fun party!
'Spring Clean' Clothes Swap
It had been a hectic week for me, checking in on my aunt, having family to visit, and working nights on the other side of town. But looking back on all the events I have to blog about, I have no regrets.
On my family blog, WeAreTheCampas, I recount a short trip to Santa Barbara the play my brother directed at Laguna Blanca. It was called Pippin, and was, of course, outstanding.
My boyfriend and I were also busy with MikeAndReiDineOut. We used up our last gift card, snuck out to Chevy's and stumbling upon some new, classy restaurants.
And the thing I am most proud of after this hectic month? I still took some time to do art. Maybe teaching the students twice a week has been inspiring. Whatever the reason, I am very pleased with the work that I have to look back on, and the joy I think it gives others to receive it.

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