Tuesday, March 17, 2009

things lightening up

when it rains it pours, a phrase that describes negative events, but the same seems to hold for positive things too.
I have been keeping busy with family events and other events like painting, volunteering, and site building on my own. Then, I resolved my issue with unemployment and also managed to snag another temp job at Mark Burnett. Except this one goes for 7 weeks. Which is the perfect amount of time for me to get rolling.
I'm not there yet, but it feels nice to not be in a slump, to be on an incline, even if its towards the bottom is better than nothing.
Plus I just finished a fun video for a 3rd grade class that I volunteered to help in. We shot an improv type video and then I cut it together. It will be presented at their open house on thursday.


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