Thursday, March 26, 2009

a friend's wedding, and little time to catch up

I'm trying to remind myself of the days where I was so bored, I wanted to cry.
Since this weekend, I haven't had much time to catch my breath, with starting more work at Mark Burnett, interviewing for a teaching job, and trying to assess where I am at with my bills and other random things.
It's all very non-stressful, I actually enjoy this level of stress, where I need to make lists and plan, but I miss having extra time for blogging.
So I will make this brief and come back to my current state soon.
My mom and I had pretty name placards
I posted up photos of the wedding on my flickr. My mom did the flowers and I helped. You can see all our preparation on my family blog.
I was very impressed by the wedding and truly happy to see my friend celebrate a special day with the man of her life.
Most of all, I truly enjoyed my time with my family this weekend. Working with them, laughing with them, and just learning more about them day after day.

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