Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend of Family and Great Skies

I neglected blogging since thursday, and come today, I am not much in the mood for it... Actually, I noticed I'm not much in the mood for anything today-which is an emotion that bothers me.
Tomorrow I start my first day at work, which will keep me busy for two weeks, but I am sensing little action outside of that which means, I need to be thinking about what I am going to do when that is over.
So i am going to do this blog post very simply. Photo followed by brief explanation.
Feb 5- Sympathy taping
Thursday, I attended the taping of the film, Sympathy for Delicious, where I was in the crowd while Orlando Bloom and Juliette Lewis performed onstage. It was cool, but I got hungry and at the end it wasn't very organized. This event made me start to think about how I might want to work on set of a film.
feb 6- clouds amidst the rain
Driving down to San Diego friday afternoon was both tense, and extremely relaxing. The rain and dark clouds were ominous, but when the sun peeked through and at different moments, the sky was absolutely breath taking.
feb 7 makayla is sweet
Here's my sister. She is the littlest of the three. Each time I go down, I learn something new about her. I think she is growing to be a bright, genuine, and incredibly interesting person.
my cool dad
My dad. My dad and uncle went to the Buick Invitational on friday. It was great to come home to such a lively house. My dad has been more present lately, and I like having him around.
Syreeta and I at her bridal shower
I felt very privileged to be at Syreeta's bridal shower saturday. I am happy to be her friend, and to have been a part of her life and family all these years. The shower was beautiful and I was very happy to have my mom there with me. She is awesome.
trying to capture the beautiful moon
If only I could capture the moon more accurately. I love looking up at the sky lately. The weather is so magical and mysterious.
I think my next series of paintings is going to be on the sky and clouds.

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