Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tree Gazing

Feb 22- tree gazing
On a gloomy, no plans or responsibilities day like today, I went for a walk with Mikey. We tend to choose days like today where the weather is cool and unusual to go for a stroll. What's nice about the weather or the time of day we chose for our walks is that the streets are quieter. People are more or less inside, and so we can focus on the sky, the homes, the sounds, the trees. In the small area that we covered on our walk we encountered so many different types of trees. I couldn't name any of them, it was neat to think that even though some had big sturdy trunks, skinnier, taller trunks, and different kinds of branches, they all managed to stand tall and survive.
Today I felt a little indifferent, and so going on this walk really freshened my mind set. I love enjoying things like this with Mikey, we always have interesting things to talk about and reflect on.
I'm so grateful to have him as my partner for walks like these.

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