Wednesday, February 4, 2009

in preparation...

All of my valentines are done, and enveloped, and addressed, now I think I will make a few more, just cause they came out so nice :)
Today, I did some yard work, which was something I had wanted to do to help my aunt out, since she cant move around very easily. We came across some old songbooks in the garage, most of which she said she didn't need any longer. I am hoping my cousin (who works at the LAOpera) will help me find a home for some of these great, old books. They seem too precious to trash.
Feb.4-old songbooks
Currently, I am listening to "Carmen", the opera, on my computer and trying to map out the current month.
I think it is going to be great for me to get back to work next week...even if it is only temporary. I have some creative ideas for things I can prep during any free time I have during this period, so that I can make some money when its over just in case I still cant find a job.
I feel lucky to have family close by, cause this month is looking tight in consideration of getting my bills paid.
Money, money, money, money...

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