Friday, February 27, 2009

friends, dinner, and a movie

Today was the first day of me being out of work again.
I have been here before; I sit at home feeling sorry for myself, bored, eagerly looking for work online or coming up with creative pay ideas. I try my best to spend it being 'productive'.
But I decided today would be different. I wouldn't give myself any time to get wrapped up in that mindset. I didn't have to. I deserved to enjoy my current state.
I have been wanting to visit my friend, especially after speaking to her on the phone briefly yesterday, so I gave her a call and headed over. Without any premeditation.

I had a wonderful day. I feel refreshed, genuinely happy, and optimistic.
Life is good and I'm just like everyone else in it. Confused, frustrated, worried, unsure...but how great was it to have an open thursday to visit with a friend?
I hope that I can recognize this more, and be grateful for wonderful moments and relationships I am getting to build as a result of not working.

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