Friday, February 27, 2009

dis connected.

perhaps it is the lamest thing ever to think of this. Having been laid off at a company that I devoted so much personal passion and optimism and hope and just regular old hard work of myself, I can't help but feel disconnected.
Obviously I AM disconnected. But the idea of working towards something together is something that I miss. Perhaps I even feel like I may not be as welcomed as each day passes. The things I think that I will still be able to do there and work at, may get brushed off.
It's hard to tell now, I am not connected.
I am not a part of a whole in the working world, and that is the hardest thing for me to chew.
I guess this time is meant to challenge me to learn to work independently. To find out what talents I can work out on my own, that I owe it to myself to refine and put out there in the world?
Perhaps this is too optimistic, but I have nothing to lose by being optimistic, and of course, much more to lose by thinking of things negatively.

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